To support PreAct’s growing customer base, a local office in Michigan has been opened and staffed.

PreAct Technologies, a leader in the next generation of automotive safety, today announced it has opened a satellite office in Detroit, Michigan to support their growing customer base in the automotive industry.

“The automotive industry is global, but we recognize the benefits of having resources near our customers’ locations,” said Paul Drysch, CEO and co-founder of PreAct Technologies. “Technology allows us to work from anywhere in the world, and we do this everyday with customers and partners across the globe. However, with a significant concentration, like we have in the Detroit area, opening a local office makes sense; just being in the same time zone as those we’re working with helps.”

Two PreAct employees are staffing the new office, which may expand based upon needs.

About PreAct Technologies:
PreAct Technologies aims to bridge the gap between collision avoidance systems and active safety technology. Its patent-pending suite of sensor technologies, computing systems and unique countermeasure algorithms aim to drastically reduce fatalities and injuries in a crash. The firm is headquartered in Portland, Oregon.