Investor Relations

PreAct Technologies is a startup, funded through private investment and venture capital. We’re always open to talking with interested parties who share our passion for saving lives.  Please reach out to us via e-mail:


Paul Drysch
Founder & CEO
Paul has helped lead four previous automotive startups to successful exits.

Keith Brendley
Founder & Chairman
Keith is an experienced founder and leader, having created and run Artis Corp. for 20+ years.

Kurt Brendley
Founder & COO
Kurt is an automotive enthusiast having worked as an engineer and product planner at multiple car companies.

Steve Schwinke
Steve has over two decades of experience as a connected car executive and inventor.

Lyndon Lie
Lyndon is a GM veteran who oversaw the launch of GM’s first level 2 ADAS system.

Jan Hellåker
Jan is a Volvo veteran who also founded and was CEO of WirelessCar.
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