Our Technology

“Finally, someone has bridged the gap between collision avoidance and passive safety systems. This has the potential to change ADAS forever.”

Ian Riches
Strategy Analytics

PreAct TrueSense™
Pre-collision System

PreAct has developed a novel solution utilizing image sensing and edge processing that excels in all environmental conditions. Our extremely fast system collects and processes 500 million bits per second. TrueSense is built upon technology used by the defense industry, where more than 10 years and $100 million have been invested in applications focused on saving lives.

TrueSense provides 360° coverage around a vehicle. With a warning time up to 600 milliseconds for an imminent collision, our system will enable the automotive industry and open the market for technologies that radically improve safety.

PreAct replaces a vehicle’s near-field sensors

Parking Assist

TrueSense 2.0 can witness a curb, pole, or tree during automated parking maneuvers.


Rapid pedestrian detection and threat detection within near-field view of a vehicle. As well as blind spot detection and lane change assist.

Autonomous Vehicles

Fast curb and pedestrian detection.

Interior Occupancy Detection

Rapid occupancy detection and movement. Able to witness an occupant during a collision.

Connected Vehicles

Collect HD live crash data for insurance and records purposes.

Designed for easy packaging in numerous form factors.

Counter Measures

Active Suspension

Moves the vehicle body so the frame absorbs more of the impact.

External Airbags

Dampens the force of the impact.

Active Seats

Moves away from the impact where every inch matters.

Safety Restraints

Tighten to put occupant in an optimum protective position.

Large Multi-stage Airbags

Safely deployed without explosive force, providing more occupant coverage.

Design Statement

PreAct is taking advantage of a proven approach for close-in collision detection that combines high sample rate near-field sensors with advanced real-time parallel processing to accurately track imminent threats and their trajectory to determine the likelihood of a collision so that countermeasures are deployed only in the highest probability events.

Core Values

High Speed

Builds an accurate track in a very limited amount of time.

Near Field

Removes human intent since any change in acceleration (lateral or in-line) requires time to have an appreciable effect on the track.

Fast Real Time Parallel Processing

Using massively parallel processing of distributed sensors feeding into a central control. Most processing is done at the edge so CAN Bus is adequate.

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