Saharaᵀᴹ Sensor

High-performance flash LiDAR. It is ideal for outdoor detections and any mobility applications. The ultra-fast edge processing and frame rate make this the perfect sensor for these applications.

$ 750.00 USD
AI enable detection
Object Detection & Classification
Reliable, precise and predictable detection of objects by the our sensors – and their classification by our software – allows for the development of novel sensor uses as well as improved performance and enhanced features previously implemented with other sensing technologies.
Market Leading Resolution
Spatial Recognition& Mapping
Fast scanning combined with software enablement allows for volume measurement. This creates opportunities for spatial recognition in a variety of dynamic situations, along with environment mapping for planning purposes.
Customasable Hardware
Sensor Fusion & Advanced Algorithms
PreAct’s suite of sensors and depth of experience in developing custom software creates the opportunity to achieve fusion amongst a variety of sensors with advanced algorithms to create outcomes not previously envisioned or achievable.


108 °h /77°v


320 x 240


0.1m to 20m



Range resolution

0.34° x 0.34°

Frame Rate

125 FPS