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Activity Monitoring

Create models that detect human activities and behavior, opening possibilities for automatic responses and smart environments.

Worker Productivity

Monitor processes to identify opportunities, improve ergonomics, and gain productivity.

Safety in Escalators

Monitor usage to identify incorrect or dangerous behaviors, alert building security, and, when necessary, bring the escalator to a quick, controlled stop.

Safety in Elevators

‍Identify undesired behaviors inside elevators to guarantee security and public policy compliance.

Driver Distraction

Detect drinking, mobile phone usage, and other distractive behaviors before the driver gets involved in an accident.

Driver distracted by phone
Industrial Safety

‍Prevent accidents by making robots aware of human movements and behaviors.

Passenger Monitoring

Understand passenger behaviour to enhance journey experience and predict dangerous situations.

Gesture Device Control

Create custom gestures for mid-air interactions. This facilitates touch-free control, which can be integrated into smart systems.

Healthcare Screens

Empower medical care personnel, allowing them to interact with medical apparel over a distance while maintaining hygienic standards and remote control of hospital equipment displayed on monitors.

Surgical Checklist

Track every step of an operation without having to touch the screen.

Consumer Electronics

Bring gestures to daily life devices such as Laptops and Smart devices, making products more engaging with more flexible interactions.

Smart Devices

Transform human interactions into commands for home appliances with hand and head detection models.


Make interactions with your robots more natural with computer vision models that understand human gestures and body language.

Consumer Robots

Easily interact and control consumer devices with gestures or have robot pause trajectory when a person is in the way.

Spatial Awareness

Create custom gestures for mid-air interactions. This facilitates touch-free control, which can be integrated into smart systems.

Employee Safety

Monitor PPE usage, no walk zones, and anomalies at construction sites.

Safety in Factories

Create virtual safety fences to automate security in machinery movement, detect dangerous activities and identify anomalies.

Container in Ports

Verify container placement to identify incorrect positionig or anomalies, and improve storage control.

Container in Trailers

Monitor goods inside trucks to alert drivers about movement and risk of damage.

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Touch Free

Our air touch technology for worry-free interactions

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How does it work?

Using a depth sensor, the Preact technology controls the mouse cursor of the operating system, mapping the finger coordinates to its screen position. Interaction is similar to any touch screen. Click events are triggered with the finger tip, but now done at a specified distance to the screen, insuring both safety and precision.

Avoid the dirty screen.

PreAct’s air touch technology lets consumers interact worry free from a safe distance by emulating the touch experience.

Great for semi-public spaces, health care, and industry

• Public transport ticketing machines
• Self check-out stands in supermarkets and drugstores
• Restaurant self-ordering touchscreens
• Airport check-in kiosks
• Mall information kiosks